Ocimum basilicum. Annual. 24".

Large leaved true Genovese Basil. Very popular and highly productive. These full flavored aromatic plants belong in every basil and pesto lovers garden. True Italian basil, Genovese is fragrant and sweet, excellent for pesto and salad. Harvest the large 2-3" leaves regularly removing flowering branches so seeds are not produced. If seeds are produced, production slows.

Planting Directions: Transplant to the garden when soil temperature is consistently 75-85˚ in moderately fertile soil, spacing plants 6” apart. Basil needs warmth to grow, plant in full sun in a warm, sunny location. Water moderately and do not let the soil dry out as basil has shallow roots. When plants are 4-6” tall cut out the growing tips for a fuller, more productive plant. Begin harvesting when leaves are large enough to use and harvest all of the basil before cold weather begins

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