Hybrid. 65 days from transplant. Indeterminate.

  • Momotaro Tomato (F1) is the most popular fresh tomato in Japan. Deep pink, firm, 6 oz. tomatoes are sweet with a delightful refined flavor.

  • It is noted for crack resistance, holding quality, and tolerance to heat

  • Market growers asked us for this tomato and we discovered it was sold in the US as 'Tough Boy'. Still the choice of name makes us think "Lost in Translation".

  • It's a great tomato with many excellent characteristics and we are delighted to offer it under the original name which refers to a Japanese folk hero.

  • Verticillium, fusarium and nematode resistance.

Planting Directions: Transplant outdoors when soil temperatures are at least 70˚ in well drained soil enriched with organic matter or a general purpose fertilizer. Space plants 2’ to 3’ apart. Avoid high levels of nitrogen in the soil as this promotes vegetative growth and reduces yields. Water regularly during growing season and reduce or withhold water when tomatoes begin to ripe

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