Open Pollinated. Heirloom. 56 days.

  • Introduced in 1929 by the National Pickle Packers Association.

  • Harvest blocky fruits of National Pickling Cucumber starting at 2-6 inches.

  • This Kirby type is suitable for both pickling and fresh use, rarely bitter.

  • Multiple disease resistance including cucumber mosaic virus and scab.

  • Keep them picked and you’ll harvest all season long.

Planting Directions: Prepare the soil in early spring incorporating rich compost or a general garden fertilizer as soil requires. Cucumber is a warm weather vegetable, maintain soil temperatures of 70˚ to 80˚. Regular, generous watering after the blossoms appear boosts yields and produces uniform, non-bitter fruits. Trellis vine types for straighter cucumbers and better production.

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