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Meet The Team

Who We Are


Interact Club Members

Elmira Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

There are nearly 30 high school students that are part of the Elmira High School Interact Club.

"I am thrilled to be involved with the Elmira High School Growing a Future school farm. It is a great opportunity to have interaction within our community and working with other students as we get the farm started and during future program events. Looking forward to learning to sell the plants that we grow in the farm, learn to interact with and give back to the community. More importantly, to have fun." Jacob T. (Interact club member)

Come and join us!


Trey Hackett

Program Director & Volunteer Coordinator

Trey is an Agriculture Science graduate from Oregon State University and an Elmira High School Alumni. He also brings hands on experience as a Remote Island Soils Training Intern for Sea Mercy.

Rich & Steph.jpg

Richard & Stephanie Hackett

Program Advisors

Richard & Stephanie Hackett are Fern Ridge Rotary Club members and the Founders of Sea Mercy and live in Elmira. Stephanie works at Elmira High School and is the Interact Club Director. Richard is an alumni of Elmira High School.


Rick Gardner

Principal, Elmira High School

Photo and bio coming soon.


Michelle Marshall

Elmira Grade School Principal

Photo and bio coming soon.


Gary Carpenter

Superintendent, Fern Ridge School District

Photo and bio coming soon

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