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Our History

Our journey from a Greenhouse to a fully functioning School Farm

In 2018, the small High School Interact Club wanted 



It started with an idea

The high school Interact Club wanted to create a raised bed in order to learn how to grow food and improve the environment. A plan was put in motion and presented to the school district for approval. By the end of the year, the idea grew in size. 


It turned into a greenhouse

The 'raised bed' grew into a 15x50 greenhouse that was donated by the community and built by the students and advisors. Over 1,200 vegetable starts were grown and sold to the community.



We dreamed of a farm

With the success of the greenhouse, the district offered the club the use of a 3 acre parcel near the elementary school. A 7 year business plan and drawing was presented and approved by the school board and the deer fence was built with the funds raised from the sale of the vegetable starts.


The 7 years happened in 1

We submitted a grant request to the Oregon Department of Education's Farm to School and we were selected. The $86k grant turned the 7 year school farm development plan into a fully functional farm in one.

Overhead shot.jpg


Growing the dream

With the student and teacher participation from all the schools (K-12) and a summer internship program for high school students, the farm took on a comprehensive teaching and learning environment for the students and community.


Keeping the dream alive

With the fast implementation due to the grant, and restricted funding due to Covid, the school farm grew faster than the district support can keep up with. We will need outside financial assistance in 2023 to keep the program a key part of K-12 learning. Follow the link to view our operational budget and how to help!

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