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School Farm

Eco-Friendly School Farm for the K-12 students and our community

School Farm Location

Our School Farm is located on school district property 100 yards south of the Elmira Elementary School. This 3 acre parcel has direct access to Territorial Highway and is perfectly located for student and community member volunteers to visit (without interfering with elementary school operations). It will be connected to the school district water system for school farm irrigation needs and easy access to city sources for future power needs.


School Farm Layout

Our School Farm will offer a combination of exciting and engaging classroom and hands-on training programs for both students and community members. It will include greenhouses for year-round growing and learning, fruit trees, vines/berries, and our Growing in Circles designed farming approach. Every aspect of our farm will include attractive and efficient use of landscape design to create a inviting atmosphere for learning. We will also be creating a Festival Park to the north for future school farm events and community activities.


Growing in Circles Approach

One of our goals with the Growing a Future (GAF) program is to make every aspect of it attractive, effective and unique for both the students and those visiting our farm. Something that can be taught, that our students can build and manage, and something that will inspire and encourage our students and community members to duplicate on a smaller scale in their own back yards.

We believe the Growing in Circles approach provides that unique and powerful approach to sustainable gardening and something that we can share with our community. 

to learn more about our Growing in Circles approach, follow the link below.

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