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Our 2019

Here are a few highlights of our 2019 projects and events. It started with an idea for a greenhouse and grew from there. 

Our New Greenhouse

The High School Interact Cub and community members came together on a Saturday to layout, assemble and dedicate the new greenhouse. We could not have imagined that this one idea would turn into a fully functional school farm within 2 years. 

Vegetable Starts

With dreams and plans for the club, we turned the greenhouse into a fundraising launching pad by growing over 1,200 vegetable starts (tomatoes, peppers, kale, eggplant, broccoli, etc.) and selling them are the Farmers Market. The club raised over $1,800 and grew and had a blast during the spring/summer.

Raised Beds

With vegetable starts behind us, we wanted to keep growing into the winter so we built some raised beds to add to our greenhouse. Once again, the student members came out to learn new skills and expand our program.

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