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Vegetable Picking

Our Partners & Champions

Friends of Growing a Future

Oregon Department of Education - Farm To School

We are so grateful for the ODE Farm to School Grant that turned a 7+ year gradual development plan into a full production school farm in just 10 months.

Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation

With the incredible grant from the CCUIF, we are funding a Summer Internship program for the school farm where Fern Ridge School District high school students can learn valuable skills and training.

Oregon Community Foundation

With the OCF grant, we are able to provide a K-5 Curriculum for the July 12 to August 6th Summer School program with the Elmira and Veneta Elementary Schools. This also allows us to expand the number of Summer School Farm Internships and prepare and implement a Fall & Winter K-12 School Farm program.

Fern Ridge School District

We’re grateful for the support and assistance the Fern Ridge School District has given toward the Growing a Future program and the trust they have extended to the Elmira High School Interact Club. This would not be possible without you.

Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair creates events and experiences that nourish the spirit, explore living artfully and authentically on earth, and transform culture in magical, joyous and healthy ways. We were recently awarded a $1,000 grant from their OCF Foundation.

Jerry's Home Improvement Center

Our thanks and gratitude to Jerry's Home Improvement Center for their support and belief in our Growing A Future School Farm program. 


Rexius was one of the first community partners who saw a need (planting soil) and helped us to fill it. their donation has helped offset our initial program costs, allowing us to expand our programs and plan for future ones.

ACE Hardware

So grateful to ACE Hardware for their generous donation of seeds (all varieties) for our School Farm.

Figaro's Pizza (Veneta)

We are grateful to the benevolent arm of Figaro's Pizza (H.E.L.P., The Charity) for their generous support of a $1,000 grant for our School Farm program.

Coastal Farms

Our sincere thanks to Coastal Farms for their fencing discount that helped keep us under budget for School Farm. Every dollar saved makes a huge difference.

Veneta Equipment Rentals

We were blessed to have the support of the team at Veneta Equipment Rentals. With over 1,800 feet of irrigation lines needing trenched, their services saved us hundreds of hours of backbreaking labor and shortened it to 2 days. They have great equipment and a professional and supportive team.

Pacific Yurts

From beginning to end, our partnership with Pacific Yurts was a blessing when it came to developing the Teaching & Training Center for the School Farm. Their workmanship and customer support was outstanding and the ease and simplicity of constructing our 20' diameter yurt was amazing and beautiful. Thank you!

Sea Mercy

Richard & Stephanie Hackett are the President & Founders of Sea Mercy, and School Farm Advisers.  Their leadership, guidance and materials support has helped us develop this amazing program.

Without the help of our caring sponsors, we would not have the chance to learn and grow together. Thank you for your commitment towards making our program green and beautiful.

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