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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Growing a Future School Farm is getting so much attention that a few Hobbits stopped by and build the entrance for us (okay, not really). From the moment you walk into the school farm Hobbit Door entrance, you'll see and feel how excited we are about the imaginative 'Middle Earth' themed farm (Hobbit, Elf and Dwarf ... and a few sleeping Dragons) we've created for our K-12 students. This unique theme flows from the entrance and into the school farm planting zones, the training center yurt and even the Elven themed pollinator garden (future post).

Like Disneyland, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that keep the School Farm growing than what you see at first glance. With food preparation cleaning and training stations, to composting centers, greenhouses for early spring starters, and so much more. Our volunteer students, community members and Summer High School Interns make the school farm the special place that it is. Stop by and say hello the next time you are in the area (South of Elmira Elementary School parking lot), and don't forget to use your imagination.

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