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58 fruit trees planted and vegetable planting beds covered

Fruit Trees

An essential part of the school farm is to create an orchard of various fruit trees for the K-12 students. We purchased and last weekend planted 58 two year old root stock trees (the dark dots on the outside of the school farm area). We have various varieties of cherry, apple, pear, plum, pluot, fig, nectarine, apricot, and kiwi in the orchard section and circling the school farm.

Although we are still 2-3 years from our first official harvest, the caring and pruning of these trees will be a key teaching and training part of the school farm. We will be adding future grafting and pruning classes for students and community members as well.

Vegetable Beds

With our soils tests returned, we are happy to announce all the amendments added last fall has put the school farm ready for a powerful and healthy growing season. We currently have silage tarp covering our beds to kill the cover crop and prepare the beds for planting in April and May. Starts in the greenhouse are already in progress for the above dates.

Come and join us!

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