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Fencing 101 - Keep the deer out of the farm!

Updated: May 28, 2020

Because our goal is to feed the students and community (and not the deer), one of our first needs is to install a protective steel wire deer fence (8' tall) to enhance our chances of achieving the above. With so many plants and trees soon to be planted, the idea of having them become deer feed is not an option. We use pressure treated corner posts, pressure treated support posts every 75 feet and steel t-posts every 10 feet to ensure the fence will keep the deer out and what we grow safe. This requires over 1,200 feet of fencing. With funds raised from selling vegetable starters the year before and grants and donations from Rotary, County Fair, Figaro's Pizza and the PTA, we have raised the necessary funds to complete this crucial first step in the school farm.

A special thank you to Ray & Doris Tyrone who allowed us to use their Bobcat and post hole auger that saved us countless hours of digging by hand. Their son Jacob is one of 20+ EHS Interact Club members who are part of the Growing a Future program.

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