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Growing a Future School Farm

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to those that made Earth Week at the Growing A Future School Farm such an incredible time for the Veneta & Elmira Elementary K-5 and Options students. Over 500 student Superheroes began their training as they learned about how they could save our soil, our air and our water one seed, one plant, one tree and one heart at a time.

Personally guided by the School Farm Director (Trey Hackett), 32 groups of students explored the school farm over an 8-day period. Not only did they learn about the School Farm, they experienced hands-on training stops where they learned how to identify plants and where their food comes from, the life cycle of a plant, soil differences and how composting can bring our soil alive again (see below video) and grow healthy plants and trees. They ended the superhero training by planting their own seed to take home and grow (see video).

Thank you to the following: - Fern Ridge School District Leadership - Lisa Leatham - Veneta Elementary School Principal

- Michelle Marshall - Elmira Elementary School Principal - Veneta & Elmira Elementary & Options School Teachers - Mitzi Colbath Instructional Assistant - The Parents of these amazing superheroes - All those that have given of their time and talents that have made the school farm possible

Preparing for the Superhero Training tour with the K-5 students

Practicing Superhero poses before starting their training

Learning how composting brings life to the soil and saves the planet

Learning how plants clean the air and gives us healthy food for our bodies

Learning how to plant a seeds with our superhero finger

Learning how composting feeds the soil and grows healthy plants

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