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Pathways, Orchard Zones and Entrance Prepared

To give our visitors and students a clean shoed welcome, we decided to put down a burlap and wood chip path that leads from the school grounds all the way to the training center found in the middle of the farm.  Before entering the farm we wanted the entrance to not only be beautiful with its flowers and other colorful shrubs, but a functional pre-training area for the guests and students.  As you can see from the images, we do not have these flowers and colorful shrubs yet, but soon to come.  As seen on the first image, we have done some tilling in the surrounding areas where we direct seeded a Dutch White Clover cover crop.  The purpose of this cover crop is to not only capture nitrogen in the plants and soil, as clovers do, but to give our orchard area a year-round green lawn like look to it.  As seen on the second and third images, on the right and left side of the large oak tree (as well as wrapping around the bottom of the planting beds) is where our fruit trees will be located.  This orchard will be home to over 60 fruit trees including apples, pear, plum, plum/apricot, cherry, fig, and nectarines just to name a few.   

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